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Favor the EarthIt all began while I was studying to become a massage therapist. Learning a holistic approach to wellness (as well as discovering the toxins in our foods, clothes, and environment), I began my crusade into the organic world- to the amusement of my family as I was a Burger King junkie as a kid. Though it wasn't readily available, I found many eco-friendly options for my kids as babies and toddlers. 

Once they reached elementary age, however, the "green" options fell short.  I was still making a conscious choice to live mindfully, organically, and raise environmentally aware kids.  And though I enjoyed searching for eco-friendly toys and snacks, it was incredibly time consuming and near impossible to find everything at one store.  I want to give, receive, and use products I feel happy (& environmentally responsible) using and gifting to others.  I knew we needed an easier way for parents to by affordable environmentally friendly treats and gifts.  Thus, Favor the Earth was born.

Becoming a green business is no easy feat, at least not for Favor the Earth - we're pretty particular.  While "eco-friendly" and "organic" are great advertising terms, products need to walk to the walk too.  We check, and double-check, the company's policies so you don't have to.  Because we're an independent business, we first seek the same... products from local, independent companies.  Fortunately, we've found many of our products in the Midwest (a few in my home state, Illinois), and most of the others are made in the USA. 

Products from outside the US boarders face even tougher scrutiny from Favor the Earth: fair trade, ethical working conditions, and their environmental policies are all considered.  When we need to contact a product's company, 90% of the time we're  speaking the owner and I love that!  In order for Favor the Earth to carry a product, not only does it have to be truly eco-friendly, we have to love the item and the people creating them!  Our business cards are printed on 100% post-consumer waste paper with soy based ink; invoices are printed on either 100% recycled or banana paper.  Orders are shipped in recycled (often re-used) boxes, with 100% recycled tissue paper or plain old air popped popcorn! 

Thank you for choosing Favor the Earth.  You're not only making a green choice for yourself, but for the planet too!

Green wishes,

Certified Sports Nutritionist (AFPA)
Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist (NCBTMB)

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